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Amalia Coc Choc de Pec,Estrella Anastasia Pec Coc Obituary, Man arrested for stabbing Mother and 4-year-old girl at Florida

Amalia Coc Choc de Pec,Estrella Anastasia Pec Coc Obituary – A man named Angel Gabriel Cuz-Choc from Florida was apprehended for the brutal killing of his girlfriend, Amalia Coc Choc de Pec, and her 4-year-old daughter, Estrella Anastasia Pec Coc, in their mobile home located in Dover, Florida.

The bodies were discovered with stab wounds, and the scene was described as “horrific” by Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister. Coc Choc’s body was found in the backyard under a tarp, while Estrella was found in a bathtub with the water still running. Detectives uncovered evidence suggesting that Coc Choc had been forcibly taken outside against her will. CCTV footage depicted her screaming in fear as she was forcibly taken into the garden. The murders are believed to have taken place on Wednesday at approximately 3:40 p.m.

Following the murders, Cuz-Choc fled into a strawberry field, where he attempted to seek help from acquaintances but was turned away. His brothers informed investigators that he confessed to the murders, attributing it to Coc Choc spending more time with a friend than allowed. The victims had only been in the area for less than a year and had migrated from Guatemala.

According to reports, Estrella’s father still resides in Guatemala. Cuz-Choc managed to evade capture for 18 hours, and officers spotted him leaving an abandoned shed before disappearing into the undergrowth. Despite efforts to apprehend him with the assistance of a police dog, Cuz-Choc successfully evaded capture until he was finally arrested by officers.

During his interrogation with investigators, Cuz-Choc purportedly admitted to committing the murders. Prosecutors filed a request for pretrial detention, stating that the victims had been forcefully stabbed. Initially, the gruesome nature of the crime shocked investigators, who initially believed the victims had been beaten to death. Evidence at the crime scene, including blood traces and handprints, indicated a violent struggle and assault. The swift response and thorough investigation conducted by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office resulted in the suspect’s arrest within 18 hours of the murders. The community was left devastated and in mourning following the tragic deaths of Coc Choc and Estrella.

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