Carrie Bradshaw; I went on the ‘Sex and the City’ tour. For the show’s fans

“The only reason I wanted to visit New York was because of the show,” one fan told me.

Carrie Bradshaw; – Fresh admirers and critics of Sex and the City emerge on a daily basis. The show, which made its debut on HBO in 1998, produced six seasons, two movies, and two seasons of the revival And Just Like That. When it became available on Netflix in April, it captivated an entirely new audience. Now, younger generations are discovering it for the very first time, contemplating whether they identify as a Carrie, a Charlotte, a Miranda, or a Samantha.

Carrie Bradshaw's stoop

The introduction of this beloved series to a new wave of younger viewers ignited strong reactions online among its existing fan base. Some expressed fear that these first-time viewers would “cancel” the show due to its outdated nature. Apart from an essay by a Gen Z individual labeling it as “cringey” and a few new memes highlighting Carrie Bradshaw’s self-centeredness, most individuals acknowledged its age of 25 years.

As someone who was introduced to the show through a streaming service, I was eager to hear from long-time fans and relive the enchantment of the show’s quartet of friends. Carrie once strolled 48 blocks in $400 shoes, but she possesses a strength that surpasses mine. Therefore, I decided to join an On Location Tours van to visit the show’s iconic filming locations. After all, New York City is considered the fifth main character of the series.

The tour, much like the show, was intended for mature audiences only. Raunchy jokes from the self-proclaimed Samantha were shared without restraint, as were discussions about the group’s sexual exploits. Among the 15 individuals who participated in the tour, there were at least three chaotic Carries, four high-strung Mirandas, and no traditional Charlottes. In case you were curious, I identify as a Carrie.

Some of the Sex and the City tour group enjoying cosmos

Primo, a devoted fan (and a fellow Carrie), watched the series on VHS and DVD immediately after its original run concluded in 2004. He introduced his soon-to-be-husband Frank to the show, and Frank also became enamored with it. (For privacy reasons, my fellow tour attendees requested that I refrain from using their last names in this story.) “The sole reason I desired to visit New York was because of the show,” Primo shared with me. “I saw all those iconic locations, and I thought, ‘Oh my god, I want to live there.'”

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