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Krista Maples Obituary, Death; Knoxville family can.t bear anymore after mother and son die in crash

Krista Maples Obituary, Death; – The Knoxville family is still mourning the loss of two family members and is seeking answers on how to care for the three injured children. Krista Maples and her 10-year-old son were among the three people who died in the crash, according to the Knoxville Police Department.

Family grieving after three killed, three injured in crash

Mark Latham II, Krista’s brother, expressed the family’s deep bond, stating, “We are extremely close as a family. It’s beyond comprehension for us.” Upon hearing about the accident on Western Avenue, the family immediately reached out to each other. Latham II shared, “One of my daughters came running up to me, saying, ‘I can’t reach Krista.’ Her location has remained unchanged for over an hour now.”

Latham II went to UT Medical Center in search of information and discovered that his sister and nephew had passed away, while three of Krista’s other children were injured. While reflecting on the tragedy, Latham II emphasized, “Everyone always says it, but you never expect it to happen to your own family. When it does, it’s absolutely devastating.”

Latham II described the close relationship he shared with his sister, revealing that they were neighbors who spent every day together. He mentioned, “They were at my house every single day, and she lived right next door to me. She and my wife were the best of friends.” He also mentioned that he was teaching his 10-year-old nephew, who passed away in the crash, how to play baseball. “I introduced him to baseball last year, and he really enjoyed playing,” Latham II recalled.

Currently, three children are hospitalized, with two at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital and the youngest airlifted to Vanderbilt Medical Center. Latham II expressed optimism about their recovery, stating, “We are focusing on planning for their future. Our priority is to ensure they are well cared for and happy.” Latham II shared that he and his parents are committed to working together to provide for all three children.

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