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Liquori Kuwait Cleggett Obituary, Individual was murdered in Birmingham may have been involved in shootout with the suspect just hours before his body was discovered.

Liquori Kuwait Cleggett Obituary, – A warrant for capital murder has been issued in connection with the shooting death of a man inside his Birmingham home on Easter Sunday. Kelvin Jenkins, aged 45, has been charged with the killing of Ingermar Liquori Kuwait Cleggett, aged 47. According to investigators, it is believed that the two men may have engaged in a gunfight earlier in the day, and Cleggett’s body was not discovered until several hours after the shots were fired.

The investigation began when a family member found Cleggett’s body at around 6:30 p.m. on Sunday at his residence on 15th Avenue West in the East Thomas neighborhood of the city. Officers from the North Precinct responded to the scene and found the victim unresponsive inside the house. He was pronounced dead at 6:38 p.m. Police marked several shell casings on 15th Avenue West in front of Cleggett’s house, indicating significant bullet damage to the residence.

Earlier on Sunday, police had responded to a shooting on the same street where a man, later identified as Jenkins, had been shot. However, his injuries were not life-threatening. It is unclear at this time whether Cleggett was killed in the earlier shooting and went undiscovered for four hours, or if he was killed in a separate incident. However, further investigation has revealed a connection between the two incidents.

A witness at the scene reported hearing approximately 25 shots between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. while working on his car. The charge of capital murder is because the shots that killed Cleggett were fired into his home. Jenkins is currently in police custody at UAB Hospital. Once he is released, he will be booked into the Jefferson County Jail and held without bond.

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