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Liza Lopez Galvan Obituary, Daughter to continue mother’s DJing legacy

Liza Lopez Galvan Obituary – Adriana Galvan has dedicated a significant amount of time to preparing for her inaugural DJ performance in what she refers to as “the man cave.” “My family and friends often refer to it as the party house,” Galvan shared. “This is where we gather for all our celebrations.”

Galvan, who recently had her first DJ gig on Saturday, felt compelled to step up and carry on her mother’s legacy after her father struggled to cancel all the bookings her mother had made before her untimely passing. She acknowledged that it is a bittersweet endeavor. “We are doing our best to cope. Our main focus is to remain positive and honor her memory, but these past few weeks have been challenging,” she expressed.

Galvan fondly describes her mother as a social butterfly. “She possessed an incredibly outgoing personality. She would strike up conversations with strangers on the street. If someone was feeling down, she was the one who would uplift their spirits,” Galvan reminisced.

In a heartfelt tribute, Galvan decided to continue using her mother’s DJ name and even included the song “Ya Te Vi,” which her mother was known for playing at her gigs, in Saturday’s playlist. She shared that they used to sing it together frequently. “I can feel her presence,” Galvan revealed. “It’s as if she’s right there with me. Every time the song plays, I hear her voice and remember her singing in the car every day.”

Galvan wears the bracelet her mother wore to the Chiefs parade as a way to always keep a part of her mother close to her. Galvan and her family deeply appreciate the overwhelming support they have received and continue to request thoughts and prayers. “Thank you,” she expressed sincerely. “I am grateful for everything you all are doing for us and my family. The support and love you show us each day mean the world to me.”

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