Marco Muller, Obituary, Ex-footballer turned bank robber dies after 36 years on the run

FORMER top-flight star turned jailed bank robber has been found dead after 36 YEARS on the run from police.

Marco Muller, Obituary – Marco Muller, a former player for the current Swiss Super League champions Young Boys in the 1970s, had an eventful life both on and off the football field. In addition to his successful football career, Muller also represented the Swiss youth national team and played for the lower-league club SR Delemont.

However, Muller’s life took a dark turn after retiring from football at the young age of 20. He embarked on a criminal path and earned the nickname “Swiss Robin Hood.” During the 1980s, Muller committed a series of bank robberies and targeted cash-in-transit vans, accumulating a staggering amount of over £2.5 million. While serving time in Jura prison for his armed heists, Muller managed to escape. He then went on the run while awaiting trial in Berne jail in 1988 and was never apprehended.

Muller was facing charges for his involvement in holding up cash vans in Geneva and Delemont when his story took a tragic turn. Last month, his life came to a sorrowful end when his body was discovered near his hometown of Bassecourt, next to a railway line. Only last week, through DNA tests, Muller’s identity was officially confirmed. His story serves as a reminder of the complexities and consequences that can arise from a life filled with both triumphs and tribulations.

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