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Sade Carleena Robinson Obituary, Man charged with killing, 19-year-old woman after body parts found

Sade Carleena Robinson Obituary – Maxwell Anderson, aged 33, was apprehended in connection with a severed human leg discovered in a park. Reports from local media indicate that he has been charged in relation to the death and disappearance of a woman. Authorities have stated that Anderson faces charges related to the death and disappearance of 19-year-old Sade Robinson, as reported by WDJT.

Robinson was allegedly killed and dismembered by Anderson in an attempt to hide the crime, according to investigators. The charges against Anderson include first-degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse, and arson of property other than a building. Sade Carleena Robinson went missing on April 1, after a coworker reported her absence from work. Her burnt vehicle was later discovered.

Police tracked Robinson’s cellphone using an app on the night she disappeared, leading them to Anderson, as reported by WDJT. Anderson was taken into custody last week in connection with a severed leg found in Cudahy near Warnimont Park, according to court officials. State investigators also searched Anderson’s duplex last Thursday. Although the leg found in the park was identified as Robinson’s, authorities have not confirmed if the other body parts discovered belong to her, as per WTMJ.

During a court session on Tuesday, it was revealed that blood was found in Anderson’s residence. A statement from a Milwaukee County Sheriff spokesperson mentioned that the investigation is ongoing and progressing after the discovery of the human leg. Following this statement, new body parts were found across Milwaukee County for three consecutive days. A body part was found near 30th and Lisbon on Friday, unidentified human remains near 31st and Galena on Saturday, and human remains near 30th and Galena on Sunday.

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