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Shakeia Allen Obituary, Victim in fatal Parkville shooting has been identified

Shakeia Allen Obituary – The shooting occurred in a Parkville apartment complex during the afternoon on Sunday, and after the gunshots were fired, the perpetrator did not seem to be in a rush to escape. A woman, whose identity we are protecting for her safety, informed us, “I witnessed a man walking calmly with a firearm in his hand.”

By the time the police arrived, the harm had already been done. “When the officers arrived, they found a woman in the parking lot of the establishment with apparent gunshot wounds,” stated Baltimore County Police Det. Anthony Shelton at the scene. “The victim was pronounced dead here at the scene.” During the initial stages of the investigation, the police stated that they did not believe the shooting was a random act. They suspected that the victim had been specifically targeted.

The victim has now been identified as Shakeia Allen, a 27-year-old woman. Court records indicate that the police had responded to her former residence on Bayberry Road multiple times in recent months due to domestic disturbances.

In late February, the police were called to the residence after a report that her ex-boyfriend had assaulted her while she was attempting to move her belongings out of the house. When he was arrested the following day, he surrendered a handgun that he had concealed in his waistband. Although the police have not yet named a suspect in her murder, just last week, a hearing for a protective order involving both parties was dismissed when they failed to appear in court.

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