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Steven Wiggins Obituary, Family seeks answers after father found shot to death in car off I-57 in Country club

Steven Wiggins Obituary – The family of Steven Wiggins is grappling with numerous unresolved queries following his tragic death in a car on Interstate 57 Alicia Johnson fondly recalls her father as a man who loved to have fun. “It’s important to remind people to stay cautious,” Johnson emphasized. Shortly after 6 a.m. on Friday, state troopers were called to a vehicle that veered off the road on northbound I-57 near 175th Street. Upon arrival, they discovered 59-year-old Steven Wiggins deceased from a gunshot wound.

“Why would someone take a life and cause pain to the family? It’s the family that suffers in the end,” expressed LaTrina Wiggins, the victim’s niece. Jacqueline, Steven’s sister, was the first to receive the devastating news. “I was completely devastated. It was incredibly difficult to accept,” Jacqueline shared. LaTrina mentioned that Steven was a cherished building custodian at Stroger Hospital for 20 years. “She was outside and banging on the car. We rushed out and asked what was wrong. That’s when she informed us about his passing,” LaTrina recounted. “Everyone at the hospital knew him. I’d meet people and mention my uncle Steve worked there. They’d say, ‘Wiggins? Oh, we adore Steve.'”

The family of Steven is now seeking answers regarding the circumstances surrounding his death. “This had nothing to do with his actions. It was a selfish act committed by someone else,” Alicia asserted. “What transpired? Did anyone witness anything? Is there any information available?” LaTrina inquired. “We demand answers. His mother wants to know what happened to her child.” Illinois State Police have confirmed that the investigation is ongoing and no suspects are currently in custody.

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