Prince Michael Jackson; Make Rare Joint Red Carpet Appearance

Michael Jackson’s children Prince, Bigi “Blanket” and Paris Jackson walked the red carpet together March 27 for London's opening night of MJ: The Musical in London. See the cute reunion.

Prince Michael Jackson – The Jackson Five Three have reunited once again, referring to the reunion of Michael Jackson’s children Prince Jackson, Paris Jackson, and Bigi “Blanket” Jackson at the red carpet event for the opening night of MJ: The Musical.

Prince Jackson, Paris Jackson, Bigi Blanket" Jackson

During the event on March 27 at London’s Prince Edward Theatre, all three of the iconic musician’s children made a stylish statement. Prince, the eldest at 27 years old, wore a black suit paired with a burgundy button-down shirt. Paris, who is Michael’s daughter with actress Debbie Rowe, looked stunning in an off-the-shoulder rust-colored dress. She completed her look with simple waves in her hair and a metallic purse. As for the youngest, Bigi, he opted for a classic black-and-white suit and neatly tucked his long, dark hair behind his ears.

Prince Jackson, Bigi Blanket Jackson, Instagram, 2024

This appearance marks the first time since 2022 that all three siblings have been seen together on a red carpet. The last time was during the New York premiere of MJ: The Musical. However, it’s important to note that they have continuously shown love and support for each other over the past few years. Prince even celebrated his younger brother’s success as a filmmaker, congratulating him on winning Best Drama at the Santa Monica Film Festival for his directorial and screenwriting debut, Rochelle.

Paris Jackson, Prince Jackson, Michael Jackson Diamond Birthday Celebration

Paris also shares a close bond with her siblings, particularly with Prince, as they were raised almost like twins. In a 2022 interview on the YouTube channel Tuna on Toast with Stryker, Paris mentioned that they had the same teacher throughout their schooling and were treated as twins, which she believes has created a sense of telepathy between them. To see more of the Jackson siblings’ journey throughout the years, continue reading. Bigi is seen alongside his brother Prince and friends at the Santa Monica Film Festival.

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